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Data points

Put your data to work

Advance clinical intelligence initiatives by leveraging the Cerner data science ecosystem built on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

With the goal of improving health care and operational outcomes, HealtheDataLab™ – the Cerner data science ecosystem built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) – offers health systems, life science companies and research organizations an elastic, cloud-based environment to analyze large amounts of data and derive actionable insights with popular statistical, proprietary or open source data science tools.

This solution is designed to help your data science team produce timely and meaningful insights.


Push insights into workflow

• Leverage data science tools that aim to help reduce model development time

• Access a suite of on-demand, innovative cloud technology designed to help reduce the need for traditional tools to perform data science at scale

• Devote less technical effort to environment setup and maintenance

• Leverage technical advantages of Cerner and AWS collaboration

• Access HealtheIntent® data ontologies

• Automate the data analytics startup tasks each day

• Leverage built-in popular statistical tooling in a single environment

• Share common data sets and analysis with peers

• Contribute and leverage features from HealtheDataLab users

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