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Real-World Data

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Imagine seeing into the frontlines of care

Advance research discovery with real-world data

Research and life science organizations need clinical data to construct research questions, identify clinical patterns and validate algorithms under real-world conditions. Often, these data are complex, and access to large, de-identified clinical data sets can be difficult to procure.

Cerner Real-World DataTM is a national, de-identified, person-centric data set solution that enables researchers to leverage longitudinal record data from contributing organizations. With Real-World Data, you can access volumes of de-identified information for retrospective analysis and post-market surveillance to help support health care outcomes.

Discover how Real-World Data solutions are being leveraged by researchers by visiting the Cerner Real-World Data Publications site.

Children's Mercy is advancing pediatric research by unlocking the power of data. Watch the video to learn how.


Leveraging Real-World Data, your organization can:

• Identify opportunities to help improve patient outcomes

• Query data to meet your research needs

• Uncover new areas for clinical research

• Access real-world data from nationwide contributors

• Analyze data in a flexible, cloud-based environment

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