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Practice Management

Managing clinic operations across registration, scheduling, patient tracking, patient accounting and reporting through one comprehensive workflow.

Integration between Cerner’s EHR and Cerner Practice Management allow your organization to easily navigate across all capabilities in the solutions, schedule appointments and collect payments on all patient accounts through a single platform. 

Next generation of practice management


Schedule within the content of full patient history 

  • Display patient demographics and all appointment types as well as schedule appointments from a single screen
  • Find first available appointments by patient’s request
  • Modify, reschedule and cancel appointments, record patient contacts and view the entire history of the appointment
  • View the entire calendar for a single resource or group of resources
  • Schedule based on clinical orders 

Register patients through enhanced consumer intelligence 

  • Input demographic and insurance information through an intuitive workflow
  • Manage a person’s identity regardless of role through a single master person index 
  • Create insurance profiles during registration 
  • Validate patient address and EDI transactions within a single solution 
  • Check eligibility in real-time or batch functionality 

Track all patient movements in a single view 

  • Display the list of appointments and details for a designated location or group of locations for the current day
  • Manage patient flow such as check-in or out, arrived, ready, in-room or finished, document “no shows” and “left without being seen” 
  • Capture Meaningful Use measures as part of the documentation 
  • View patient demographics, see the details for the encounter, collect co-pay, scan images and schedule follow-up appointments during the check-in process

Manage a patient account as a byproduct of care. 

  • Automatically post charges as a byproduct of documentation
  • Automate the claim lifecycle with proactive and simple work queues
  • Work any necessary edits within the solution through integrated claims scrubbing
  • Facilitate payment through credit card merchant integration

Empower patients to manage their health and care.

  • Enable patients to view their health record information, lab results, pathology and radiology reports and securely communicate with health care team through the Healthelife portal

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Our Healthelife portal enable patients to view their health record information, lab results, pathology and radiology reports and securely communicate with the health care team.

With Cerner Practice Management, physicians can capture and fulfill Meaningful Use measures as part of their documentation.