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Regulatory Services

Cerner is taking the steps today to offer you a complete package of regulatory consulting services that is valuable no matter the regulatory measure.

How will you stay ahead of the curve with new regulatory requirements? Just as you trust your technology future to Cerner, you can count on us to lead you through the future of regulatory compliance.

Regulatory Ally

When you take on regulatory compliance in-house, you take a chance. Without Cerner as your regulatory ally, you are responsible for reading all legislation, interpreting it and understanding how it impacts you and your Cerner Millennium or Cerner Soarian system.

The sheer size and rapid-fire release of regulations are nearly impossible to keep up with. Taking the responsibility of your organization’s regulatory compliance upon yourself leaves you open to lost incentives and incurring penalties.

When you work with us, the pressure, the risk and the fear is diminished. It is the difference between someone actively pushing the information to you and you trying to digest everything.

You need an ally that understands your unique position in the industry as well as your challenges. Cerner spans the breadth of provider sizes, from critical access hospitals to organizations with hundreds of hospitals and clinics. We focus from one end of the spectrum to the other. A regulatory collaboration with us gives you the opportunity to leverage the knowledge and experience we have from working with other clients, a true best practices guide.

Regulatory changes bring broad impact to your Cerner Millennium® or Cerner Soarian system. There are intricacies around every corner that need to be navigated. No one knows our system like we do. We have the resources behind the scenes to find the answer to any question, any scenario. Without our expertise, you or another vendor has to scour for the generally available resources and piece together an understanding of the broad solution and system impact. Working without an insider only gets you so far. We understand the full scope of changes to your system, what you need to prepare for and what you can work around.

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Client quote

"The services provided by the Cerner Regulatory Consulting team made it possible for us to meet our required 2020 Promoting Interoperability goals, a major achievement due to the challenges we faced with the pandemic."
Joseph B Cohen, RN | IT Applications Specialist
New York Presbyterian

Client value statement

After working with the Cerner Regulatory Consulting team to successfully attest for the 2020 Medicare Promoting Interoperability program, St. Joseph’s Health avoided an estimated $3,297,869 in Medicare penalties, which was calculated by applying the 2020 market basket rate-of-increase to the organization’s 2018 Medicare Net Patient Revenue data from Definitive Healthcare.
St. Joseph's Health


Understanding Information Blocking Exceptions and Compliance
Imagine a world where the patient data that a clinician needs to provide the highest quality of care is available and easily accessible. Or where data can be safely and efficiently exchanged among stakeholders to increase knowledge of a virus and develop therapies and vaccines during a public health crisis.


Gothenburg Health and Cerner Regulatory Services – Together is Better
Learn how Cerner’s Regulatory Compliance team helped make a difference in the way Gothenburg Health tackles the complicated regulatory landscape of health care IT.

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Cerner Careers

Cerner clients can interact on our Regulatory Engagement Group.

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