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The challenge: overcoming an unsustainable healthcare system

Patients, providers, payors – we all want healthcare delivery to be the best it can possibly be. However, the U.S. healthcare ecosystem is becoming unsustainable with the pressures of escalating costs, an aging population, care delivery disruption and increased regulatory demands.

With appropriate value-based care (VBC) strategies, your organization can make operational changes to enhance quality, become more patient-centered, improve provider satisfaction and impact financial outcomes to help support a more sustainable, health-first model.

At Cerner, we collaborate with organizations with the aim to move the healthcare ecosystem away from siloed processes, cumbersome data and misaligned incentives to one where information, people and processes are connected.

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The solution: enhancing quality care while strengthening market share

By enabling a connected healthcare ecosystem, your organization can accelerate its VBC efforts while still supporting current fee-for-service business. Wherever you are on the VBC journey, our technologies connect information across venues of care to provide actionable insights, with the goal to improve clinician decision-making and enhance the patient experience. From an operational perspective, we aim to help you grow and protect market share, identify care gaps, meet quality measures and optimize healthcare spend.

As an innovation center for VBC, Cerner develops offerings to generate data and insights, empower clinicians and provide operational expertise to help support your VBC strategies:

Bundled-payments icon

Bundled payments

Scale operations, address care efficiency and support quality outcomes and costs across commercial and government bundled payments for care improvement arrangements.
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Enhance quality

VBC services

Help reduce complexities, advance outcomes, enhance network performance and mitigate operational risk with MaestroTM, an end-to-end service offering powered by Cerner data and insights.
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Registries and scorecards

Identify, attribute, measure and monitor people and providers by using HealtheRegistriesSM. Help patients manage their health whether they are chronically ill, at-risk or in a healthy state.

Care-Management icon

Care management

Connect the care team – inclusive of the patient – to help enhance care coordination, reduce duplication of unnecessary services and close care gaps with HealtheCareSM.


Hierarchical condition categories (HCC)

Optimize risk adjustment scores to identify individuals with serious acute or chronic conditions with the aim to provide more accurate payments and reimbursements with Cerner HCCs.
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Quality reporting

Navigate regulatory changes, together, through education, guidance and support on regulatory requirement updates and best practices.

The Cerner difference

With over four decades of experience connecting healthcare ecosystems, we help organizations like yours accelerate their VBC efforts while still supporting your current fee-for-service business. By streamlining operational changes that can enhance quality, impact patient satisfaction, provider satisfaction and financial outcomes, together we can work to support a more sustainable, health-first model.


"Working with Cerner, we’re able to develop metrics across multiple sources, including EHRs and claims, to show avoidable spend, per member per month costs, ED utilization and more. It helps us make the business case that operating in a value-based world makes sense."

Robert Oliverio | Chief Executive Officer | MD | Roper Saint Francis Physician Partners

Download the eBook: Making the shift to value-based care
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Learn how Cerner helps organizations like yours accelerate your value-based care efforts, while still supporting your current fee-for-service business.
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