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Behavioral Health

Experience Cerner's award-winning behavioral health EHR

Our new Cerner Integrated Behavioral Health solution is a behavioral health-specific EHR that features multiple solutions and content packages designed to support health organizations that specialize in the delivery of community mental health, inpatient mental health, outpatient mental health, substance use disorder and developmental disabilities care.

Introducing the Cerner Integrated Behavioral Health EHR

At Cerner, we believe that behavioral health solutions should help provide a seamless and personalized experience to all mental health patients. Many health care organizations struggle to smoothly exchange patient data with one another. An interoperable behavioral health EHR that includes relevant workflows and documentation results in a more accurate and complete patient record. Using an EHR not intended for behavioral health can result in a disjointed patient experience. A mental health EHR should be built with the goal of optimizing the patient journey and helping get patients on a quicker and more direct path to recovery.

Because behavioral health and physical health are connected, the data and care that support it should be, too. Cerner Integrated™ behavioral health is designed to enable health care providers to help individuals achieve optimal health and wellness through data-driven, preventative and supportive solutions and services unique to each person in need.

Behavioral health is focused on the state or being of individuals in relation to their overall health and wellness, with particular attention to brain-based antecedents of the behaviors that contribute to an individual's health and wellness. These brain-based conditions are usually broken down into a few major groupings: mental health, addiction, developmental disability and cognitive decline. Additionally, behavioral health is increasingly a focus in health care as it relates to patient engagement and "behavioral modification/change," as the behaviors that we engage in (or fail to engage in) largely impact our overall health and wellness.

Who We Serve

Acute health systems

Psychiatric hospitals

Community behavioral health facilities

Residential facilities

Achieving Integrated Care

In order to improve health care delivery and the health of communities, we must support care across the continuum including acute, primary care, behavioral health, long-term care, home health and rehabilitation settings.

Cerner is committed to delivering information solutions that contribute to the systematic improvement of health care delivery and health of the communities by bridging the gap across different care settings while making the transition from inpatient to outpatient seamless.

Providing care unique to each person in need is important to us. Our behavioral health software is designed to enable health care providers to help individuals achieve optimal health and wellness.

Features and Capabilities

Behavioral health workflows

Behavioral health providers are unique, which makes using a traditional EHR challenging. With workflows and documentation tailored to behavioral health, a mental health EHR can better reflect a patient’s situation and treatment plan.


The exchange of patient data as well as the ability to interface with third party systems is key when it comes to a mental health EHR. Sharing data across health care entities is the foundation of Cerner’s population health mission.

Patient eSignature

Many organizations still use paper in day-to-day operations. With our behavioral health software, patients can sign electronic documents with a handwritten signature on a mobile device, which in turn embeds the signature in an imaged document and reduces paper usage.

Reporting and analytics

Accurate data allows users to make more informed decisions. Reporting and analytics provide users with access to the most current information so that executives and clinicians can make the most out of the data they have.

Patient Portal

Patients can conveniently manage their own care with access to a patient portal. Here, they can view results, schedule appointments and communicate with their providers.

Document capture and imaging

Being able to quickly access necessary patient documents is vital in health care. Document capture, storage and retrieval makes information available where it is needed, helping to eliminate missing documentation, reduce costs and improve care.


What is Cerner Integrated Behavioral Health?

Cerner Integrated Behavioral health is our latest behavioral health software. This solution is a multi-tenant delivery model for Millennium designed for inpatient, outpatient and community behavioral health venues.

We work to make the implementation process as painless as possible. For details on this process, reach out to a Cerner representative here.

Please contact a sales representative for solution pricing here.

Our solutions provide support for each of the following care settings:

  • Hospitals
  • Community mental health centers
  • Government payers and providers
  • Social services, outpatient clinics
  • Accountable care organizations
  • Residential care
  • Residential standalone
  • Ambulatory standalone
  • Residential health system
  • Ambulatory health system
  • Inpatient government

Related Offerings

Assisted Living

Assisted living isn’t just for the elderly – patients seeking behavioral health treatment are not always able to live on their own. Our solution for assisted living helps providers eliminate the undesirable effects of paper documentation and helps identify when resident acuity levels change and decrease.

Open & Interoperable

In behavioral health, we make every effort to assure that our health care data can be given to and received from other health care entities. Our open business approach for interoperable technologies helps organizations advance patient care by securely exchanging and accessing information across the health care ecosystem.

Home Health and Hospice

Behavioral health care is provided in many venues, including the homes of patients. It can also be incorporated into hospice care. Our home care and hospice solutions support the clinical, financial, administrative and management functions of home health while also enabling clinicians to review patient electronic health records and provide documentation at the point of care.

Population Management

Behavioral health is an integral part of healthy communities and has a place in many different venues of care across the continuum. Learn more about what population health solutions Cerner offers to support the health and wellness of communities.

Developmental Disabilities

Developmental disabilities are an important focus in our behavioral health mission. Cerner’s electronic documentation software is designed to help service providers improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities.

Patient Engagement

It’s important for mental health patients to be participants in their own health and care. Cerner’s member engagement solution enables a person and their care team to be aligned, informed and educated on an ongoing basis.


Mental health and physical heath are key components to overall well-being. Our physical rehabilitation solution facilitates easy accessibility and communication from different care teams.

Long-term Care

We share a commitment with long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) providers to help make senior care management better than it is today by offering home health, hospice, behavioral health and rehabilitation solutions.